Complaints about a landlord, letting agent or local council

Complaints about landlords or letting agents

If you're unhappy with the way your landlord or letting agent has responded, you could consider making a complaint.

You can find more information about making complaints about landlords or complaints about letting agents on the Shelter website.

Letting agent redress schemes

All letting agents must be registered with a 'letting agent redress' scheme. You can make a complaint about a letting agent to the organisation they are registered with.

Find out more about letting agent redress schemes on the Shelter website.

Complaints to a local council

You can complain if you don't think the council has dealt with your problem properly.

Ask for a copy of their:

  • housing enforcement policy
  • complaints procedure

Check the council have followed their own housing enforcement policy. If not, you can use the complaints procedure.

You can use this service to complain about your local council:

Complaints about a local council

If you're not satisfied with the council's response to your complaint, you can complain to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman. See: