Contact your landlord or letting agent in writing

Even if you have already told your landlord about the problem over the phone or in person, you need to tell them again in writing. This can be by email, text message or letter.

Remember to include these things in your letter or email:

  • specific details of what you are experiencing
  • date when the problem started
  • anything you have done since the problems started
  • when your landlord can come in to the property

You can use one of the letter templates on the Shelter website

It may be helpful to include pictures of the problem. Make sure you keep a record of this letter and the date that you sent it as you may need it in the future.

Allow time for your landlord to get back to you

Your landlord should get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. This could be a few days for an emergency, or a week for something less serious. Legally, they should reply to you within 14 days.

Remember to keep copies of any messages you send, along with the dates you sent them.

A guide to working with your landlord

See this detailed guide to working with your landlord on the Advicenow website.